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Kiowa County Treasurer

About the Treasurer’s Office

The County Treasurer is an elected constitutional officer with a four-year term. The County Treasurer serves as the chief financial officer for each county and administers all county monies.

The County Treasurer receives, deposits and maintains records for all county monies; redeems county warrants; apportions taxes to various accounts and to local public entities such as schools and cities; keeps records of all payments and expenditures made by the county; and presents county records and financial statements to the State Auditor and Inspector for audit.

The County Treasurer also receives the annual tax roll and abstract, prepares the ad valorem tax statements, and mails the statements to the property owners.

The County Treasurer is responsible for collecting all county ad valorem taxes and may issue delinquent personal and real property tax notices and initiate and supervise tax sales on real property for nonpayment of taxes.